August 16, 2021

Ariana Sciences, based in Nashville, Tennessee, acquired the assets and operations from American Pathology Partners (AP2) pertaining to AP2’s East Coast laboratories, including Eastern Carolina Pathology (ECP) in North Carolina and Palm Beach Pathology (PBP) in Florida, as well as other related assets.

This transaction has no impact on the East Coast operations and both Eastern Carolina Pathology and Palm Beach Pathology continue to function just as they were before the transaction. Ariana Sciences currently only serves physicians and patients in Florida and North Carolina.

Earlier in the year, AP2 also sold to Labcorp selected assets from AP2’s Western operations, including UniPath in Colorado, Cedar Diagnostics in Colorado, Alliance Health Sciences in Texas, and Cytology Associates in Texas. Physicians and patients in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, and Louisiana should contact Labcorp for any services in those markets.

AP2 does not have any remaining operations. General inquiries about American Pathology Partners should be directed to