Ariana Sciences provides a sophisticated, comprehensive hematopathology service offering that includes subspecialty boarded hematopathologists, state-of-the-art instrumentation, convenient collection kits, comprehensive test menus, modern reports, and rapid turnaround times.

  • Experienced pathologists with subspecialty board-certification in Hematology
  • Intradepartmental review of all unusual cases
  • Utilization of new and innovative immunohistochemistry, flow cytometric, clinical cytogenetics, and molecular genetics testing
  • External expert consultation obtained on the most challenging cases at no cost to you or the patient
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Unique and informative reports with flow cytometric histograms and color photomicrographs provided in those cases having a neoplastic process
  • Hematopathologists will call back results on all cases having a neoplastic or preneoplastic disease process
  • Hematopathology specific requisition to simplify the ordering process
  • Direct access to hematopathologists for consultation
  • Easy to use specimen collection kit
  • Extensive managed care coverage
  • Correlation of current findings in neoplastic and preneoplastic diseases with previous findings when performed by UniPath
  • Informative, well designed synoptic reports with color photomicrographs and integrated results from flow cytometry, FISH, clinical cytogenetics, and molecular genetics results
  • Electronic reports provide a convenient way to track and view patient cases online
  • Industry-leading EMR solutions and interface programs
  • Web ordering and reporting
  • Proprietary connectivity and reporting IT tools
  • 10-color, 12-parameter flow cytometry using cluster analysis which maximizes sensitivity for detection of minimal residual disease and low-level neoplastic cell populations
  • FISH tests for BCR/ABL, MLL, PML/RARA, BCL1, BCL2, 5q-, -7, and others
  • Molecular diagnostics for detection of translocations, mutations, and gene products by PCR and RT-PCR (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Analysis for bone marrow transplant engraftment by STR